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June 2016;


Welcome to my MD11 web site. Check back regularly for updates. I don't always update the front page as often as i should but Latest News, Production lists and the Operator(s) pages do get updated more frequently.  Latest news and operators pages updated this week.


2014 marked the end of scheduled MD11 operated passenger services and in all likelihood any MD11 operated passenger flights. (It also marked the end of DC10 operated passenger flights too when Biman retired their last DC10 at the end of February 2014).

My guestbook is currently unavailable as the site has closed down. Thanks to all who signed it and i hope to get another soon.

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I am getting around to putting my digital photo's on Flickr. Click the link below to view them.

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Great new book about the end of KLM MD11 ops with the last 3 MD11's in the fleet and the farewel lflights;

 +++ BREAKING NEWS MD-11 +++ For English scroll down

Best MD-11 lovers,

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The proceeds of the book again goes to a good cause, where we tell more later on.
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The Farewell MD-11 team


2 web sites to you might like take a look at;

Northern Lady - New MD11 book recently out, written by a former Lufthansa Cargo MD11 pilot.

Global Air - For worldwide aircraft sales and support


Northbound Lady - New MD11 book


Global Air

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